Daily conversation practice with native speakers 🧑🏽‍💻

No English. No Teachers. Just real conversations with friendly native speakers, online.

Just $47/mo for 30m per day.

how it works






Friendly native speakers,
not teachers.

Our conversation partners aren’t teachers, just normal people who are native speakers in the language you are learning.

They are friendly, patient, amazing people. And they’re here to provide a safe place for you to practice speaking without fear of embarrassment.

Lessons, grammar, flashcards
Real people to talk to

We don’t teach you the language, just let you practice it

We don’t have a curriculum, flashcards, or grammar explanations. We don’t have tapes to listen to or exercises to do. You’ll need to get that elsewhere.

But memorizing grammar and vocab only gets you so far. You need to actually speak to people on a regular basis. When all you need is practice, a teacher is overkill.

We provide an affordable way to do get conversation practice, with people you’ll love talking to.


Prices include access to all six languages
(Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese)


Only $47/mo

30 minutes per day of conversation practice

All six languages

Best for most people



1 hour per day of conversation practice

All six languages


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How can lingohour be so affordable?

Our conversation partners are not teachers - they are native speakers hired in developing countries with a low cost of living. This means that we can pay them a salary that is lower than the US, and most of Europe. 

Our conversation partners include university students who want to earn some extra cash, in addition to those who use lingohour as their side hustle while earning a full-time income elsewhere.

Is there a guarantee?

There's no guarantee, as we have our own hard costs to cover.

Our low price means that you can use your first month to explore our conversation partners, take a ton of classes and decide if you think the service is for you.

Where are the teachers from?

We're continually looking to hire native speakers from all over the world, starting with:

- Spanish speakers from Venezuela and Colombia 
- French speakers from Algeria
- Portuguese speakers from Brazil 
- Chinese speakers from China

Is lingohour good for beginners?

If you are a complete beginner, this program is not for you.

lingohour is an immersive environment for you to have daily conversation practice with native speakers who don't speak English.

For that reason, you should have a solid base of vocabulary and grammar before starting, and then use  lingohour as your practicing ground for putting it all together in conversations. 

What about free language exchanges?

Language exchanges can be useful.

But the problem is that you often waste a lot of time (50% or more) helping your conversation partner in their target language.

With lingohour, every minute is dedicated towards helping you become a better speaker.

If you don’t actually teach the language, where should I learn it?

This depends on your personal preference, and also what level you’re currently at, but most students choose a mix of language apps, structured classes, audiobooks and more. 

You can find our recommended resource guide here. 

For conversation practice, we’re here to help.