Clothes in Spanish: All the Vocab You Need for Clothing in Spanish

Can you describe these friends' clothes in Spanish?

Who doesn’t like to feel confident and comfy in the clothes of their choice? Clothing is not only a convenient tool that provides comfort and protection from the environment, it is also a way of expressing our identity and even our mood. Ultimately, it is a universal element that is part of our daily lives, and that’s why knowing how to talk about clothing in Spanish is key.

In this post you will learn all the necessary vocabulary to describe clothes in Spanish, translated as la ropa, along with accessories so you can describe your style in Spanish or use it when you go shopping!

Let’s get started!

Clothes in Spanish: La Ropa

In English, you say “clothes” or “clothing” to describe the ensemble of clothing items we wear, whereas in Spanish we always use a singular noun: la ropa. Although the plural form of the word exists, it is very uncommon to use it, and it can sound a bit odd, so it’s better to simply say la ropa.

Casual Wear in Spanish – La Ropa Casual

In this section we include the most common pieces of casual clothing in Spanish. You know, those garments that don’t require much effort, or which aren’t for any special purpose. If you think that some items are missing, you’ll surely see them later in more specific sections.

Casual wear La ropa casual
Shirt La camisa
T-shirt La playera, La camiseta
Top El top
Halter top La camiseta halter
Button-down shirt La camisa de botones
Polo shirt El polo, La chemise
Blouse La blusa
Bodysuit El body
Cardigan El cárdigan, La rebeca
Skirt La falda
Miniskirt La minifalda
Pants, Trousers El pantalón
Shorts El pantalón corto, El short
Jeans El pantalón vaquero, El pantalón de jean, El jean
Belt El cinturón, La correa
Watch El reloj
Necklace El collar
Earrings Los aretes, Los zarcillos, Los pendientes
Bracelet La pulsera, El brazalete
Ring El anillo

Formal Wear in Spanish – La Ropa Formal

Sometimes you need to dress for the occasion, right? Here is the list of names of elegant and formal wear in Spanish.

Formal clothes La ropa formal
Suit El traje
Tuxedo El esmoquin
White tie El frac
Dress pants El pantalón de vestir
Tie La corbata
Bowtie El corbatín, El moño
Waistcoat El chaleco
Blazer El blazer, El bléiser
Suspenders Los tirantes
Dress El vestido
Gown El vestido, El vestido largo, El vestido de fiesta
Wedding dress El vestido de novia

Summer Clothes in Spanish – La Ropa de Verano

Of course, when the summer heat kicks in, we need to peel away some layers and choose cooler clothes. Check out this list of summer clothes in Spanish to get ready for the summer.

Summer clothes La ropa de verano
Sun dress El vestido de verano
Sleeveless shirt La camiseta sin mangas
Capri pants El pantalón capri
Bermuda shorts La bermuda
Overalls El overol, El peto, La braga
Jumpsuit El enterizo, El mono
Bathing suit, Swimsuit El traje de baño
Bikini El bikini, El biquini, El traje de baño de dos piezas
One-piece El traje de baño enterizo, El traje de baño de una pieza
Swim trunks El bañador, El short de baño
Wetsuit El traje acuático, El traje de neopreno
Neoprene shirt, Rash guard La camiseta de neopreno
Sunglasses Los lentes de sol, Las gafas de sol
Cap La gorra
Hat El sombrero

Winter Clothes in Spanish – Ropa de Invierno

In winter, we need layers and layers of coats and sweaters to keep us warm and comfortable. So, here’s our list of Spanish winter clothing vocabulary.

Winter clothing La ropa de invierno
Sweater El suéter
Coat El abrigo
Jacket La chaqueta
Raincoat El impermeable, La gabardina
Denim jacket La chaqueta de jean, La chaqueta vaquera
Leather jacket La chaqueta de cuero
Flight jacket La cazadora
Parka, Anorak El anorak
Poncho El poncho
Gloves Los guantes
Mittens Las manoplas
Scarf La bufanda
Snow hat El gorro

Sportswear in Spanish – La Ropa Deportiva

In this section we get into some specifics for the gym or when you’re running a lot. Check out our vocab list of sportswear in Spanish here.

Sportswear La ropa deportiva
Tracksuit El chándal
Sweatshirt La sudadera
Hoodie La sudadera con capucha
Tank top La camiseta sin mangas, La franelilla, La musculosa
Sports bra El sujetador deportivo, El sostén deportivo
Sweat pants, Joggers El pantalón de chándal, El pantalón deportivo, El calentador
Leggings La licra, El leggin, Las mallas

Underwear and Nightwear in Spanish – La Ropa Interior y La Ropa de Dormir

In this category we can find the comfortable clothes we like for resting and relaxing at the end of the day. Put on your pajamas and check out this list of underwear in Spanish.

Underwear La ropa interior
Bra El sostén, El sujetador
Panty La pantaleta, La braga, La panti
Thong La tanga, El hilo
Boxers El bóxer, El calzoncillo
Slips La trusa, El interior, El calzoncillo
Socks Las medias, Los calcetines
Tights Las mallas
Pantyhose Las pantimedias
Pajama La pijama
Nightgown El camisón
Robe La bata
Bathrobe La bata de baño

Shoes in Spanish – Los Zapatos

Sure, some of these could have been included in specific sections above, but we’ve chosen to group our whole list of shoes in Spanish here.

Shoes Los zapatos
Flip-flops Las chanclas, Las chancletas
Sneakers, Tennis shoes Los zapatos deportivos, Los tenis
Boots Las botas
Slip-ons Los mocasines
Sandals Las sandalias
Slippers Las pantuflas
Espadrilles, Deck shoes Las alpargatas, Las esparteñas
Oxford shoes Los zapatos Oxford
Ankle boots Los botines
Rain boots Las botas de lluvia, Las botas de caucho
Combat boots Las botas de combate, Las botas militares
Ballet flats Las bailarinas

Clothing in Spanish: Conclusion

Well, that pretty much covers it. Now you’re one step closer to being a fashion expert. Okay, maybe not, but you definitely know a lot more Spanish clothing vocabulary now than you did before.

How about we go over what we looked at today before we go? First, we learned that in Spanish we say la ropa in the singular to describe the set of clothes we wear. Then we looked at the different categories of clothing, starting with casual and formal wear, moving on to winter and summer wear, and ending with sportswear, underwear, sleepwear and shoes.

We hope this post has been informative and has helped you learn how to name the clothes in Spanish. Remember that you can bookmark it so that you can review the vocabulary whenever you need to. See you next time!

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